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  • Learning Results
  • Listening Skill
    LucyMax lessons are made only in English. There are over 700 lessons, and each lesson starts from a beginner level and goes to an intermediate level. 
    For beginners, Barbara speaks so slowly that even beginners understand 100% after just a few lessons.
    The more the learners watch, the better their listening skills develop. 
  • Speaking Skill
    A developed listening skill brings a developed natural speaking skill.
    In addition, Barbara asks learners many questions to help their English speaking skill. 
  • Reading Skill
    All of LucyMax lessons provide a story. Learners develop reading skills with the stories in each lesson.
    The higher the level is the more advanced their reading ability becomes. 
  • Writing Skill
    Writing skill is the result of listening, speaking and reading ability.
    So LucyMax learners can expect to have a writing skill that matches their level.
    But at this moment LucyMax doesn’t provide classes just for writing. 
  • Words
    Learners know more than 500 words when they master LucyMax Phonics classes. When they finish all courses, which have 7 levels as of now, they’ll know more than 2,000 words. 
  • Grammar Skill
    LucyMax uses formal English expressions for all of the readings. Learners can improve their grammar skill naturally.
  • Native Speaker’s Pronunciation
    The instructor, Barbara (Canadian), voice actors/actresses (American, Canadian) in LucyMax video lessons teach sounds very clearly.
    Kids will pronounce words with a North American accent just by listening and mimicking the lessons (if you watch any Phonics sample lesson you will understand more easily).