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LucyMax Phonics helps them read and write over 80% of English words within 4 months.*
So kids will read stories by themselves when they are studying.
LucyMax Phonics consists of 4 steps to teach letter sounds. Over 80% of words belong to the sounds in the steps. Each step is a one month course.
In Step 1, learners study single letter sounds when it comes at the beginning of a word.
In Step 2, learners study short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u when these vowels are in a word.
In Step 3, learners study long vowel sounds of [ei], [i:], [ai], [ou], [u:] when these vowel sounds are in a word.
In Step 4, learners study blended sounds when two consonants are together in a word.
* Learners read and write over 80% of English words. This doesn’t mean they will know over 80% of English words. 
#LucyMax uses about 500 words to teach sounds. Learners will know at least 500 words when they finish LucyMax Phonics.