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  • About
  • LucyMax English originated from Kid’s College Suji English education academy in South Korea. Kid’s College students were 3 to 10 years old.
  • LucyMax founder, Sang Kyu Kim, also founded Kid’s College Suji English education academy (Kid’s College hereinafter) in 2004.  All teachers were American or Canadian so all classes were taught only in English.
  • Beginners at Kid’s College had almost no experience learning English. But after attending the academy for 3 years most had a literacy level equal to or higher than 3rd grade American textbooks.
  • Some students at Kid’s College went to America and attended elementary schools. No student had difficulty adapting to the academic level for their age. In fact their literacy level was higher than most American kids of the same age.
  • Sang Kyu Kim ran Kid’s College until 2010. During that time approximately 50 American and Canadian teachers taught English to over 2000 Korean students.
  • LucyMax takes pride in two key parts: 
    1. Impressive contents for English beginners
    2. Very effective teaching method
  • You will see these two parts just by playing some of our sample lessons. They are  based on a rich experience with children at Kid’s College.
  • Participants

  • Kim Sang Kyu : CEO, Founder, Developer
    - studied political science(BA) at SoGang University in South Korea 
    - started business career at Dongseo Foods which is a joint venture of Kraft Foods in the U.S.
    - studied Business Administration(MBA) at the University of Washington in the U.S. 
    - started an English Academy for kids in Korea in 2004 
    - has developed more than 2000 English education contents in the last 10 years 
    - introduced online education with 700 video lessons. 
  • Barbara Duffenais : Instructor, Contents Developer
    - began her career in 2004 teaching children who learn English as a second language 
    - the main English instructor for LucyMax video lessons
    - helps develop English education contents for LucyMax Co Ltd. while living in Canada. 
  • Woo Yeon Mi : Contents Developer
    - studied statistics(BA) at Ewha Womans University in Korea 
    - completed early childhood education at North Seattle Community College 
    - started career at English Academy for kids in Korea in 2004 
    - developed English education contents for kids
  • Other Partners : Video Producer Co, Solution Developer Co, Audio Producing Co, Illustrators, etc.